Monday, 29 October 2012

Turbo C for C language

Turbo C for C language

Turbo C is an Integrated Development Environment I.D.E where we can develop programs using C language compile them and run them.If the program is free from errors it will be successfully executed.
After downloading the TC extract the files using winrar software.Open the folder and you can find TC file in which if you double click it you can get the IDE opened for you.From there you can type the programs and save them.Later you can execute them successfully if the program is free from errors.

Path Setting:

Copy and Paste the TC folder that you had downloaded in C directory.
Goto Options tab using ALT+O and by using down arrow select Directories and press Enter.
Include directories:C:\TC\INCLUDE and press Enter.
Library directories:C:\TC\LIB and press Enter.
Output directory:C:\TC and press Enter.
Turbo C directory:C:\TC and press Enter.
Pick file name:TCPICK.TCP   and press Enter.
Press Esc
Scroll down to Save options tab and press Enter.
It will show Overwrite TCCONFIG.TC?(Y/N) press Y.
Your settings are successfully completed and saved.

Some Shortcuts:

Full Screen : ALT+Enter
Compiling the C Program :CTRL+C
Executing the C Program: ALT+R or CTRL+F9

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